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Ruined human destinies which remained along the way of great conspiracies, the great policy and the great money, are usually of no significance. Because interests have no souls.

This book is an attempt to peek into the way of life of People beyond the Interests.
Emotionally, real and sadly.
                Miroljuba Benatova, reporter from Bulgarian television bTV, covering the topic for Bulgarian nurses in Libya 

Great danger lies in wait of you while you read „Scarlet Gold“. The main risk is when you unconsciously pass through that imperceptibly thin red line which divides fiction from the actual facts described in this book. I personally had to stop reading and to self-convince myself that not everything told in the book happened in fact. Because all the same the matter is about a novel, though quite realistically written. In places, however, „Scarlet Gold“ sounds so authentic that it makes you give yourself a pinch to make sure that the Libyan nightmare is not happening to you in real life. Read this book to find out the mandatory part of the truth about the AIDS scandal in Benghazi and the unexpected shadow of global business conspiracy behind it. A sinister story which unfortunately affected us, Bulgarian people as well.

Georgi Milkov, reporter from Bulgarian newspaper “24      Hours”, covering the topic for Bulgarian nurses in Libya


„Scarlet Gold“ is the second novel of the young writer Ludmila Filipova. Her debut book „Anatomy of Illusions“ turned into one of the Bulgarian bestsellers for year 2006. The lady author imposed herself as a writer who is able to combine the documentary with the artistic, turning scandalous, little known facts into exciting reading.

The second novel of Ludmila Filipova is a film in fact. Not solely with the vehement actions on two continents, the distinct episodes, plots and fierce images. It is a film most of all because it dresses in words a waterfall of persons who chase us, worry us, make us feel ashamed and be wild with rage for eight years now.

In this sense “Scarlet Gold” puts to the test our courage to be confronted with images which vulgarized by the television news – now stand upright consistent, bright and aligning equating even the most attenuated consciousness.
Sofia, April 2007 Ljuben Dilov - son
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Premiere of the book "A Journey to the World's End"

We are pleased to invite you to the premiere of Ludmlia Filipova`s latest book A Journey to the World`s End!

Premiere of the book "A Journey to the World's End"

 Thursday, April, 2nd 18.30 Matti Hall, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, the administrative center, „Bulgaria” square 1, the entrance of the Lyumer cinema 

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"The War of the Letters" was included in Helikon bookstores’ bestseller chart for 2014 and is the only work in the fiction genre by a Bulgarian author to make it to the top ten! Lyudmila Filipova continues being one of the most popular Bulgarian writers. She expressed gratitude to her readers for this recognition in her personal Facebook profile .