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Photo by www.FethiKaraduman.com Ludmila Filipova is the author of the novels Anatomy of Illusions (2006), Scarlet Gold (2007), Glass Butterflies (2008), The Parchment Maze (2009), Dante’s Antichthon (2010), The Anomaly (2011), Typo (2012), The Eye Of The Sky (2013), The War of the Letters (2014) and A Journey to the World's End (2015), which have become nationwide bestsellers and have been translated into several languages. Three of her novels are currently being developed into feature films.

December 2011 Ludmila Filipova was awarded as “Woman of the year” 2011 in the category Culture and Art

Ludmila Filipova was born on Easter 1977. She graduated from the Economy University Sofia, with high honors, and was conferred Bachelor Degree in 2000. She is graduated from the City University, MBA Degree in General Management.
Ludmila specialized Creative writing fiction in Oxford University in 2009.

In October 2011, a Television team from London WAG TV filmed a documentary movie for National Geographic based on the discoveries described in Ludmila’s novel The Parchment Maze. November 2011 the movie projects based on the novels of Ludmila Filipova Glass Butterflies and Scarlet Gold, won the first places in the Bulgarian National Film Center competition for script development and for movie project.

Creative Work
Filipova has already six novels and all of them became bestsellers in the region with thousands sold copies. Moreover, Ludmila is a columnist in the most popular Bulgarian newspaper "24 Hours"

The books of Ludmila Filipova are based on or inspired by real stories and facts. She travels worldwide in order to gather the necessary information, make interviews and hard papers analysis researches.

ANATOMY OF ILLIUSIONS (2006) is the debut novel of the young writer Ludmila Filipova. The book is one of the most successful stories about the Bulgarian transition period, which started in 1989 and bestseller at the Bulgarian book market. It is based on a real story of a boy and girl in the Bulgarian transition from communism to democracy. It was reprinted 6 times. Currently the book is published in Turkey by Dogan publishing house and there is a TV serial project base on it in development.

SCARLET GOLD (2007) is the second novel of Filipova. The book is the bestseller on the Bulgarian book market for 2007 year. The author sold the options rights for a movie, which will be multinational co-production. It is an international political thriller that deals with an issue of urgent significance - the trafficking of human blood which victims are already 3 000 000. The book is already published in Russia.

GLASS BUTTERFLIES (February 2008) is the third novel of Ludmila Filipova. It was already nominated for the second selection on the European literary contest "Prix du Livre Europeen 2008". And it is the only foreign novel nominated for the American literary award "Hidden River 2009". Moreover, the novel was nominated for the second selection on the Bulgarian literary contest "Novel of the year 2009".
One of the most powerful features of the novel is that it attempts to reveal for the first time in the literature the world scale and risks of uncontrolled trading with genetic material, millions human embryos and advanced reproductive technologies. In a drama-thriller story the novel unravels the details around the practice of trading with live embryos. Currently there are 6 million frozen embryos for sales worldwide. The book is published in Russia from the biggest Russian publishing house AST (Olymp branch company) and a movie production is in process based on the novel.

THE PARCHMENT MAZE (2009) is a historical novel in which each scene is based on actual historical fact and an extant artifact. The place and time of the events in the novel are actual. The book is accompanied by hundreds photographs from Moscow, Burma, Berlin, Greece, Rome and Thrace taken by the author and which illustrate the novel and the first Virtual Museum of traces in the Maze www.mastileniat-labirint.com

DANTE’S ANTICHTHON (Ciela 2010) is Ludmila Filipova’s fifth novel. The book is a cipher of sorts for decoding ancient secrets and laws that modern man has forgotten. As with her previous novel, The Parchment Maze, the author has created an online Gallery of Traces where readers can find photographs of most of the places, puzzles and artifacts described in the novel at the address: www.mastileniat-labirint.com.
The book can be read either as a continuation of the bestselling The Parchment Maze or as a completely new adventure. This unique work addresses topics heretofore untouched in Bulgarian literature, including the discoveries at Lepenski Vir, the mirror-image figures of Dante and Orpheus, the secret of the Tenth Sign that only the chosen few are able to see, esoteric laws such as the Ten Thousand Earthly Inhalations, the philosophy of the inverted poles of meaning. It also raises the question of why angels have existed throughout all epochs, religions and worlds. In Dante’s Antichthon, the main characters attempt to break the code of the Hidden City of architect Coppede in Rome and Dr. Dee’s mysterious Holy Tablet, whose symbolism is shockingly similar to the world’s earliest known proto-writing system, which was discovered in the Balkans. They also search for answers as to why the tombs in Kazanluk, Bulgaria, were built for people towering 2.3 to 2.5 meters – the same height ascribed to the builders of the Egyptian pyramids and Ancient Babylon. http://ludmilafilipova.com/content/view/95/165/lang,en/

THE ANOMALY (2011) is the newest novel of Ludmila Filipova which is the first in Bulgaria published from the 2 biggest Bulgarian publishing houses as co-edition and already several months top the national book store’s ratings. It is a thriller based on real facts, historical events and science fiction elements. It mix in a unique way the stories about the biggest discovery of Isaac Newton, still unknown in our modern world; about the most ambition project of Pentagon for the next Internet level; about the secret in the Bible proficies and for the unbelievable processes developing in the Net; and for a legend jealously guarded for ten centuries by the family Chigi that has left its mark on the history of Europe and the Vatican. A jarring story about the unexpected paradoxes and twists in life and the reality we live in. About the meaning of love, and the power of thoughts.
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Ludmila Filipova worked as a marketing director in the German software giant SAP Bulgaria, managing director of Desiderata Advertising Agency, a chief-in-editor of the magazine Marketing&Media, and a commercial director of a company for medical equipment MEDIMAG-MS.


News and Events

Людмила Филипова гостува на Факултета по журналистика и масова комуникация

В навечерието на 24 май авторката на нашумелия роман "Войната на буквите" и още 9 бестселъра ще разкаже за пътя, който книгата трябва да измине, след като бъде измислена. Людмила Филипова ще сподели личния си опит и идеите си по въпросите: Книгата като медия от гледната точка на автора; Маркетинг на нова книга; Активности в медиите, отношения с журналистите и PR на книгата; Екранизиране на книгата, връзки с филмови продуцент.


Premiere of the book "A Journey to the World's End"

We are pleased to invite you to the premiere of Ludmlia Filipova`s latest book A Journey to the World`s End!

Premiere of the book "A Journey to the World's End"

 Thursday, April, 2nd 18.30 Matti Hall, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, the administrative center, „Bulgaria” square 1, the entrance of the Lyumer cinema 

Ludmila Filipova is the most popular Bulgarian fiction author for 2014

"The War of the Letters" was included in Helikon bookstores’ bestseller chart for 2014 and is the only work in the fiction genre by a Bulgarian author to make it to the top ten! Lyudmila Filipova continues being one of the most popular Bulgarian writers. She expressed gratitude to her readers for this recognition in her personal Facebook profile .