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The Anomaly
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The most terrifying prophecies come true because of the most extreme human ambitions

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The Anomaly
The Anomaly
The Anomaly is a novel inspired by real events and people who have changed our world, and by a legend jealously guarded for ten centuries by a family that has left its mark on the history of Europe and the Vatican. A jarring story about the unexpected paradoxes and twists in life and the reality we live in. About the meaning of love, and the power of thoughts. About the consequences of humanity’s struggle to become gods and about a secret prophecy that has been worrying and inspiring people for 2,000 years – including religions and great scholars. The action takes place in Rome, the Vatican, Cambridge, Washington, D.C. and in the Eterneum.

About the story

One Christmas 2011. The world is waiting for the apocalypse. The Vatican – the Second Coming. The Pentagon – the Anomaly. Everyone is waiting… and something happens. Something which no one expected – except, perhaps, Sir Isaac Newton, who dedicated his life to deciphering the code in the Testament and to learning the secrets of its prophecy.

One secret church conclave in 1721, at which Newton warns the Anglican Church about a fatal mistake made in the interpretation of the Bible – a mistake that has been repeated for so long that people have taken it as truth. The scholar claims to have accurately deciphered the prophecies of St. John and Daniel and insists that the world be told the truth. The bishop refuse to grant his wish and Newton vows to take matters into his own hands. However, he dies shortly thereafter under mysterious circumstances. Three centuries later, unknown manuscripts by Newton inexplicably begin turning up all over the world, showing the famous scholar in an entirely new light.

One idea turns into the largest project the Pentagon has ever undertaken – The Eterneum. It is a blueprint for the next level of virtual reality, meant to replace the imperfect Internet, whose possibilities are rapidly becoming exhausted. At stake are millions of dollars, power and global control – no longer just control over information, but over human thought itself. It is a step away from morality, a step towards universal monopoly and profiting from technologies, towards humanity’s loftiest ambitions. Until the world finds itself facing an anomaly that is simply unthinkable to the human mind.

One prince - Flavio Chigi, the last heir of an illustrious, ten-century-old family mysteriously disappears on a Romanian island. And he is the only one who today can discover the final pages of Newton’s most closely guarded manuscript. Legend has it that at the time of the Conclave in 1721, the Marshal of the Roman Catholic Church, Augusto Chigi – Flavio’s distant uncle, who was fulfilling the functions of the pope – received a letter with Newton’s manuscript. However, for some reason no one has seen the document since then.

One NetBoard нheaded by the Pentagon, Google, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft and other powerful corporations attempts to fight back against the strange and ever more frequent phenomena and deepening anomaly in cyberspace which no one can explain. Despite their cutting-edge technologies, the incidents keep escalating, affecting every sphere of human reality. Even the experts from the Pentagon, who created the Internet, cannot discover their source.

One woman, Danielle Walker, has mastered all possible ancient alphabets, but barely remembers her own past. The only thing she has is her sister with her ants. She is obsessed with deciphering Newton’s 300-year-old manuscript, which was accidentally discovered in the Vatican. It is just the latest of a number of such manuscripts discovered in recent years, but it is quite unique – not only because it is a letter to the pope, but also because it contains the predictions Newton spent his whole life working on. They were the reason for his discoveries in various branches of science – he deciphered the code of Solomon’s Temple and calculated the prophecy from the Old Testament so as to finally unravel their secrets. Isaac Newton was convinced that they contained a temporal-spatial map of the world, of the universe, of science and history. In the manuscript, Danielle manages to discover the date of the Second Coming and hints at the appearance of the New Species or the New kind. Just how and when this will come about, however, is written only in the final pages, which have disappeared. As she digs through the dusty books, Danielle yearns for the young Prince Flavio’s love. At the same time, a mysterious anonymous being writes strange things to her via various electronic devices, turning into a threat, but also into a source of solace.

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Людмила Филипова гостува на Факултета по журналистика и масова комуникация

В навечерието на 24 май авторката на нашумелия роман "Войната на буквите" и още 9 бестселъра ще разкаже за пътя, който книгата трябва да измине, след като бъде измислена. Людмила Филипова ще сподели личния си опит и идеите си по въпросите: Книгата като медия от гледната точка на автора; Маркетинг на нова книга; Активности в медиите, отношения с журналистите и PR на книгата; Екранизиране на книгата, връзки с филмови продуцент.


Premiere of the book "A Journey to the World's End"

We are pleased to invite you to the premiere of Ludmlia Filipova`s latest book A Journey to the World`s End!

Premiere of the book "A Journey to the World's End"

 Thursday, April, 2nd 18.30 Matti Hall, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, the administrative center, „Bulgaria” square 1, the entrance of the Lyumer cinema 

Ludmila Filipova is the most popular Bulgarian fiction author for 2014

"The War of the Letters" was included in Helikon bookstores’ bestseller chart for 2014 and is the only work in the fiction genre by a Bulgarian author to make it to the top ten! Lyudmila Filipova continues being one of the most popular Bulgarian writers. She expressed gratitude to her readers for this recognition in her personal Facebook profile .